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Redesign marketing teams of international food supplement company and installation of global structure

Our challenge

A private equity owned food supplement company wanted to accelerate on its marketing performance in 3 continents (99 FTE’s in Europe, North America & Asia-Pacific) by installing a global marketing team to gain efficiencies, create synergies and promote a more channel, customer centric and data driven approach. They gave a mandate to Pharma Collective to deep dive in the structure of the marketing teams across the local regions, propose a new global structure and implement the new way of working between global & local teams via processes and tools.

Our approach

AspirationDiagnosticBlueprint designImplementation
Defining the TO BE vision and ambition and a capability frameworkUnderstanding the AS IS situation through qualitative interviews, online survey, digital maturity auditDevelop blueprints for each teams with detailed job descriptions and number of FTE’sDevelop tools for implementation including mapping of processes and creation of templates


New organizational structure with installation of global marketing team:

  • Diagnostic of the current situation via interviews of 30+ stakeholders in the different local teams, internal survey and digital maturity scan.

  • Clear alignment on the vision, ambition & KPI’s for the marketing team

  • Overview of strategic capabilities that are needed for this ambition

  • Blueprint of the new marketing organization including detailed org chart with roles, number of FTEs, clearly defined job descriptions and casting of the right profiles

  • Overview of main processes to be tackled (crucial areas of collaboration between the global and local teams)

We also worked on the implementation:

  • Mapping of key processes in the global-local collaboration

  • Development of tools and templates to support the new way-of-working

  • Facilitate internal communication and change management