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Discover how website optimization can create more meaningful and long-lasting relationships with HCPs

Our client creates breakthrough products – in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and branded generic pharmaceuticals – with innovation and quick adaptation at the forefront.

Let’s find out how website optimization can create more meaningful and long-lasting relationships with HCPs…

The Challenge

A website is undoubtedly one of a company’s most important assets. It is used as a medium to provide information and to promote a company’s products or services. Far too often, the website is considered a one-way communication channel. Becoming a truly customer centric organisation requires that the digital customer experience must be fully integrated. A website plays a vital part in providing personalised and contextual experiences by capturing relevant information (i.e. email consents) early on, creating behavioural profiles and feeding it back into CRM and marketing automation platforms.

We helped our client create more meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their audience by identifying intent early on, capturing more email addresses and creating behavioural profiles from the first visit on their website. All of this valuable information is then fed back into their marketing automation platform, fuelling automated and personalised lifecycle campaigns.

The Approach

Progressive lead profiling

Our client’s website has been configured to look for (behavioural) intent triggers. We have defined actions on several pages that are automatically activated once an intent trigger has been identified.

For example: on specific product pages, a contextual pop-in will be shown to ask the visitor what she/he is interested in. 

By asking relevant questions, our client is able to segment visitors very early on:

  • Prospects: product information
  • Customers: questions about their purchase or how to use the product
  • Healthcare professionals: detailed (technical and medical) information about the product or related services

Automated lead nurturing

Each visitor segment is linked to its own email communication strategy. Based on their own interest, the visitor will receive a series of automated emails in a drip campaign. As the visitors were segmented early on, it ensures the content is relevant and targeted. 

Prospects will receive information about the company values and explain how the products are solving specific problems. Customers (already owning one or multiple products), on the other hand, will receive information focused on product onboarding and how to get the most out of the product(s).

Continuous data enrichment

About seven days after the last nurture email was sent, the campaign will check if the prospect made a purchase.

Non-buyers are entered into a nurture campaign with a lower sending frequency. The goal of this campaign is to keep the prospect engaged through valuable content.

Buyers are shown a pop-in the next time they visit the website. The pop-in contains a few questions which help enrich the customer’s profile. This information is not only used to personalise the retention campaigns, but also provides us with richer analytics and a more detailed insight into the customer base.

Engagement analysis

Capturing email addresses and nurturing leads is one thing; making sure your emails in their inbox is another! Now more than ever, your email deliverability, engagement scoring and frequency capping need to be monitored closely. 

For our client, we have built a system that automatically keeps track of these statistics. Unengaged (or dormant) contacts are automatically identified and, based on business rules, unsubscribed from lifecycle campaigns. The system will flag this group of contacts and make them available for reactivation campaigns.

The Outcome

Feeding both the B2C and B2B sales funnels

As our client is now able to segment visitors pretty early on, both B2C and B2C prospects are identified. The behavioural profiling in combination with the pop-ins are also telling us who has a professional interest in our client’s products. 

By monitoring their behaviour across multiple channels and how they respond to the nurture campaigns, each B2B prospect is scored. B2B prospects with a high lead score are automatically sent to our client’s CRM system. Their sales agents will follow up with these “hot leads” personally.


  • A significant database growth
  • Enriched customer profiles
  • An increase in engagement for prospects and customers through personalised content


  • Automated engagement scoring
  • An increase in qualitative B2B leads